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Why Do We Pray?

Have you ever asked yourself why we pray? Is this something that can really help us feel better?

We pray because we are looking for answers and a powerful force to guide us and show our way. We pray because we are hoping for a support that can help us achieve our life goals, live a better life, and be nice and human to the people around.Through prayer, we share our sins, desires, fears, and good deeds. Prayer is a very important part of our being as it fills our soul and saturates our mind. With prayer anything is possible.

We all use different ways to pray. There is no right or wrong way. Muslims pray to One God and while praying they are faced to the Holy Mosque in the city of Makkah. Being in front of this mosque express uniformity in the prayers of all Muslims worldwide. It isn’t an act of honoring the mosque.

Catholics pray in groups. When two, three or more individuals gather together to raise their hearts and minds to God, their prayer is known is communal prayer. It is a powerful experience through which they express their faith.


There is a Jewish spiritual method that one who seeks answers to the deepest and most challenging questions should visit the Western Wall or Kotel in Israel. It is the holiest place in the world. It is incredibly powerful because you pray the exact same prayer 40 days consecutively. Also, if you want you can write your prayer and place it in the cracks.

We all try to find a reasonable sense of our own existence. We all try to find our purpose in life. Through prayer, we can get the answers and calm our soul.

With prayer, we express our deepest hopes, our heartfelt yearnings, and our fondest desires. We pray to cleanse our soul, repent for all our sins, ask for forgiveness, and search for a better and purer path to goodness. We share our fears, frustrations, and miseries and we deeply hope that our weaknesses can become our strengths and that our sins can turn us into a better person and create a path to greater achievement.

God is here to listen to our prayers and help us create a better world for everyone. So, encourage yourself and the others around you to pray for family health and love, pray for country safety and world peace. Have faith and don’t be afraid to pray for your dreams, god is hearing you.

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