Pastor Wife vs. Rabbi Wife

What is the difference between a pastor’s wife and a rabbi’s wife?  This sounds like the beginning of a joke, like the female equivalent of “a pastor and a rabbi walk into a bar” but when you try to think of differences between being a pastor’s wife and being a rabbi’s wife, you can probably think of a lot more similarities.  Both take seriously their duties to pray and to help their husbands serve their respective congregations.  Both are equally likely to accompany a youth group on a trip to Israel.  In so many ways, the wife of a Jewish rabbi and the wife of an Evangelist Christian pastor have more things in common than they do differences.

Unsung Heroes

There are some denominations of Judaism and of Christianity that only ordain men, and even in denominations where both sexes can seek ordination; there are plenty of women who hold a leadership role in their communities that bears no title other than “pastor’s wife” or “rabbi’s wife.”  The wives of Jewish and Christian clergymen accompany their husbands to festive events and join forces with them to help provide support and comfort to members of the community who are suffering.  With their husbands, they arrive at the church or temple hours early to help set up for events.  Meanwhile, they are a source of emotional support for their husbands.

A Family for New Converts

The families of clergymen can be a new family for new converts to Judaism and Christianity.  In some Evangelist churches, the process of conversion is as simple and quick as a verbal declaration of faith, whereas, in Judaism, converts must spend some time studying Jewish teachings under the direction of a rabbi before they are considered members of the Jewish faith.  In either case, a pastor’s wife or rabbi’s wife frequently finds new believers seated at her dinner table, and she welcomes them to dine and pray with the family.

Similarity over Difference

We were not very surprised to find all these similarities, even though the main object was to compare between the different worlds, they are very parallel, both wives will support their husband and understand the importance of the community job he has. Even though occasionally, the wives will have to give up a lot for this community ideology, and it seems, that the wives are much mentally stronger than meets the eye.



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