Maria Magdalena Church

Jerusalem; home to world class humus, bountiful food markets, religion and the Maria Magdalena Church. While many Jews in Israel appreciate Jerusalem because of the Holy Temple, Evangelical Christians appreciate it for a different reason. Evangelicals recognize Jerusalem as a significant city in Jesus’s life. Moreover, Jerusalem is home to many churches throughout its green and hilly landscape. The Maria Magdalena, in particular, has specific significance to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

Maria Magdalena Church is located minutes away from the historic old city of Jerusalem, nestled in the western slopes of Mount Olive. The beautiful gold onion-like domes are unmistakable against the green and brown background of the Judea and Samarian desert. Built in in 1886 by Russian Czar Alexander III, in memory of his mother, the exterior of the church is a stunning work of art designed by David Grimm. However, compared to the stunning exterior of the church, the inside is fairly simple. Inside the church, are several pieces of art, one of them being a portrait of Saint Maria Magdalena. The portrait depicts Saint Maria traveling to the emperor of Rome and presenting him with a red egg, symbolic of Jesus’s resurrection and eternal life. Maria Magdalena is not only portrayed in her church; she has been painted throughout history in an array of different works of art.

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There is no coincidence that Saint Maria Magdalena has a church named after her in Jerusalem. It was in Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified and then resurrected, both events Maria Magdalena has witnessed according to the Bible. Due to the great significance Evangelicals place on Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection, any person who was present at those events is also praised. Maria Magdalena, therefore, is praised by Christians around the world for her proximity to Jesus in the two most important events of his life, both of which took place in Jerusalem.

It, therefore, seems only fitting to have Maria Magdalena’s church in the very location she achieved her notoriety. The church’s tribute to Saint Maria represents how important Jesus’s crucifixion and resurrection are to devote Evangelists. Paying a visit to this beautiful monument in such a historic city is a treat not to be missed.

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