Giving is Happiness

Giving Makes You Happier Than Receiving

Have you ever asked yourself what makes me happy? According to the newest and latest studies – the answer is giving. Yes, giving is what makes people feel good about themselves. There are many situations in life where we can therefore achieve happiness. Giving from the heart ensures not only our happiness but the happiness of those you give to. For example, children who are under privileged and are faced with poor living conditions desperately need our help and it is our duty as God’s children to help them.

Research has shown that giving can make us even happier than receiving. Giving money, clothes, shoes, food or eventime to others in need will put a much bigger smile on our face than spending that money on ourselves. Although giving costs us in the moment, the rewards are worth the sacrifice. Providing someone who has less than you with a hot meal, new clothes or even a friendly smile can make their day or even have a greater impact. We never know how much we can change one person’s life until we do.


The Bible teaches us to be better, so let’s use this opportunity to motivate each other to give instead of receive. Generosity is, after all, a survival instinct. Even the tiniest act of giving can have a lasting effect on another person’s life. God will be proud of us for embracing generosity. It is how we obey God’s commands and how we can improve our own happiness. Today, where you are born in this world is a matter of pure destiny. We do not have the power to determine where we will be born and in what circumstances we will be born into. We can however, choose to improve the lives of individuals who may not have had the luck we did. After all, it only takes one small act of generosity to make someone’s day better! Give and feel God’s power inside you!

Embrace giving and remember – it makes you feel happier!

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