Hanukkah and Christianity – Hand in Hand?

Some people would say that Hanukkah and Christmas cannot be celebrated together except on the most superficial level because each one is a celebration of our unique identity, particularly Hanukkah. Others would say that there […]

Honestly written

Why do we lie? “I can’t make it to the event, I have something urgent that came up”. In reality, you spend the night on your couch, in your pajamas. “This tastes delicious!” You say […]

Wedding in the Holy Land

Will You Marry Me? Whenever we see, hear or think about weddings, we instantly think about love. Love that is so strong and consuming between two individuals, they decide to join their life in one […]

The Divorcing Era

Marriages are common but sadly, so are divorces. In western cultures, more than 90 percent of the individuals marry by the age of 50. A healthy marriage is good for the mental and physical health […]

Giving is Happiness

Giving Makes You Happier Than Receiving Have you ever asked yourself what makes me happy? According to the newest and latest studies – the answer is giving. Yes, giving is what makes people feel good about themselves. […]

Pastor Wife vs. Rabbi Wife

What is the difference between a pastor’s wife and a rabbi’s wife?  This sounds like the beginning of a joke, like the female equivalent of “a pastor and a rabbi walk into a bar” but […]