Hannukah Guide for Beginners

The world often talks about Hanukkah as though it is “Jewish Christmas”, it’s not hard to see why. It begins around the end of December, involves the giving of gifts and, it fits neatly beside […]

Purim: Sing and Drink Day

Arguably the most joyous of Jewish holidays; a time of carnivals, plays and parodies and, in keeping with the story of Ester, beauty contests. Purim celebrates yet another deliverance of God’s people from their enemies. […]

Happy Tu Bishvat

You may not know this, but in a week the trees are celebrating their New Year… yes the trees! Those big, tall, green, fluffy-looking things that are hard and brown in the middle. They would […]

If You are Jewish, What are They?

A quick rundown on the major Jewish communities and the differences among them. Modern Jews are an incredibly diverse people. Within the Jewish faith itself we find a great variation in the types of religious […]

Hanukkah and Christianity – Hand in Hand?

Some people would say that Hanukkah and Christmas cannot be celebrated together except on the most superficial level because each one is a celebration of our unique identity, particularly Hanukkah. Others would say that there […]

Qasr el Yahud

The name is thought to mean “Castle of the Jews”, although some say it is “Break of the Jews” signifying the break in the waters as the Children of Israel crossed the Jordan River and […]

Sea of Galilee

Imagine for a second… ~How would you fell about going on a party cruise? ~How about riding a banana boat through fresh water? ~Or even being baptized in a sacred and religiously significant place? If […]

Maria Magdalena Church

Jerusalem; home to world class humus, bountiful food markets, religion and the Maria Magdalena Church. While many Jews in Israel appreciate Jerusalem because of the Holy Temple, Evangelical Christians appreciate it for a different reason. […]


After a five-day recovery period from the difficult Yom Kippur fast, Jews are more than ready to celebrate the bountiful harvest during Sukkot. Unlike the previous holy holiday Jews celebrated, Sukkot requires food, and lots […]

The Day of Atonement

Yom Kippur It is that time of year again. The celebrations of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, have come to an end. Cooler weather begins taking over the hot Israeli nights. Students prepare for […]

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