The Divorcing Era

Marriages are common but sadly, so are divorces. In western cultures, more than 90 percent of the individuals marry by the age of 50. A healthy marriage is good for the mental and physical health of couple as well as good for the children. However, it is true that 40 to 50 percent of the married couples in the United States get divorced. Divorces are on the rise and parents can only face consequences that they bring.

In a nutshell, if you are breaking down the numbers of marriages, 41 percent of the first marriages end in divorce, 60 percent of peoples’ 2nd marriages end in divorce and 73 percent of their third marriages end in divorce. These numbers for divorces are staggering and extremely alarming. Likewise, divorces amongst teenagers are very common. In fact, 48 percent of the people who marry before age 18 are more likely to divorce in a decade of marriage compared to 24 percent who marry after age 25. These numbers are disconcerting!

Benefits of a Healthy Marriage

The benefits of a healthy marriage do not just affect the couples’ well-being, they also affect the children. Parents who live peacefully and in a pleasant marriage create a soothing environment that is good for their children. Furthermore, parents whose children grow up in happy marriage tend to grow up to become happier calmer adults.

Moreover, a good proportion of the child’s future state of well-being is based on his or her parents’ healthy marriage. Therefore, for the sake of the children, sometimes it is better to stay and fight for a relationship, rather than divorce.

Negative Effects of Divorce

While a healthy marriage can benefit you in more than one way, a divorce has multiple negative consequences for each individual in the relationship. For starters, a divorce can severely impact a person’s life outlook. They can become negative and sad people. Divorce usually implies some sort of “starting over” which can be scary for someone who has become comfortable and familiar with the life they once had. For example, one individual may have to start taking on the tasks that his or her partner previously handled.

Divorces also affect the child’s health. A child will have to grow up in an unbalanced environment when their parents have to go through divorce. This can impact the child at school or in their social lives.


Social Media Networking

Social media platforms have contributed to men and women being exposed to a huge variety of seductive temptations with the click of a button. Due to the vast online variety and anonymity, individuals develop virtual relationships with other people of interest besides their own partners. These platforms are a common ground for dating and meeting new people outside our known circle of acquaintances, resulting in a problematic situation and a real concern for already troubled marriages.

Lack of Compromise – Busy Lives

Another major reason why people are getting divorced these days is because they do not have healthy relationships. This can partially be attributed to a lack of compromise. Husbands and wives often have separate day lives which can cause distance between the two individuals and make them drift away from each other. Unfortunately, if the gap is not closed, couples often turn to divorce as a solution.

Sustaining A Marriage

Since 40 percent of the people in the US get divorced, it is important to assess, realize and understand what you can do to prevent a divorce. Some simple tips and steps can do wonders to a relationship. Whether you are in a healthy marriage, or you feel things are falling apart, follow these tips and a significant change can occur.


Compromise can strengthen a marriage. Compromise is a very important part of any relationship and especially a marriage. If one side feels like they are always yielding to the other, resentments can grow until it is too late. Instead, work on compromising with your partner so the relationship is more balanced. Remember, before you were “We” you were an “I”, therefore each of you has their own likes and dislikes. Make an effort and see your partner’s side/opinion, who knows, you might like it more than you thought.

Give Love in a Relationship

No marriage or relationship can sustain itself without love and mutual understanding. Hence, it is important to have both if you want to continue a healthy relationship. Giving love is all about mutual respect and understanding what the other needs. If that cannot be done, the marriage will most likely not succeed. We all know that with time we take things for granted, but try not to take your partner for granted. Tell your loved one that they are important to you, communicate your feelings and emotions about them, to them.

Belief in God

Belief in God can help sustain a marriage. One major sources of problems in a marriage is a difference in faith. Couples should embrace each other’s faith and views without sacrificing their own beliefs. In addition, it is common that couples who are close to religion will display additional warmth and are more likely to spread love and compromise than those who are not close to God. Therefore, having faith is one of the keys to a sustainable marriage.

Marriage is no easy thing, it is as demanding as a plant. You need to water it with love, fertilize it with compromise and shine god’s light on it. Doing all of these will make your marriage strong and healthy for many years to come.

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