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    The name “Passover” is an English version of “Pesach” (PAY-sahch, with an “h” that is somewhat aspirated,) which derives from the Hebrew root meaning:  to pass over, to exempt or spare. The name comes from [...]
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    Purim: Sing and Drink Day

    Arguably the most joyous of Jewish holidays; a time of carnivals, plays and parodies and, in keeping with the story of Ester, beauty contests. Purim celebrates yet another deliverance of God’s people from their enemies. [...]
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    Happy Tu Bishvat

    You may not know this, but in a week the trees are celebrating their New Year… yes the trees! Those big, tall, green, fluffy-looking things that are hard and brown in the middle. They would [...]
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    If You are Jewish, What are They?

    A quick rundown on the major Jewish communities and the differences among them. Modern Jews are an incredibly diverse people. Within the Jewish faith itself we find a great variation in the types of religious [...]

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