• Israel

    Happy Tu Bishvat

    You may not know this, but in a week the trees are celebrating their New Year… yes the trees! Those big, tall, green, fluffy-looking things that are hard and brown in the middle. They would [...]
  • Israel

    If You are Jewish, What are They?

    A quick rundown on the major Jewish communities and the differences among them. Modern Jews are an incredibly diverse people. Within the Jewish faith itself we find a great variation in the types of religious [...]
  • Israel

    Hanukkah and Christianity – Hand in Hand?

    Some people would say that Hanukkah and Christmas cannot be celebrated together except on the most superficial level because each one is a celebration of our unique identity, particularly Hanukkah. Others would say that there [...]
  • Qasr el Yahud

    Qasr el Yahud

    The name is thought to mean “Castle of the Jews”, although some say it is “Break of the Jews” signifying the break in the waters as the Children of Israel crossed the Jordan River and [...]

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